U.S. Scholar Awards

For academic year 2024-2025

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​Grants for U.S. Scholars (Teaching and/or Research) and Postdoctoral Researchers.

​Contribute significantly to advanced studies of mutual interest to the U.S. and Spain by teaching (preferably at the graduate level) and/or conducting research and collaborating with colleagues at Spanish academic and research institutions.

Activities may include presenting lectures, seminars, and/or workshops, as arranged by host institutions or the U.S.-Spain Fulbright Commission.

Deadline for submission
of applications
From Feb 7, 2023 to Sep 15, 2023
All disciplines will be considered.

The official award information is available at the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES/IIE) website.
  • United States citizenship
  • Postdoctoral/Early Career Academics
  • Senior Academics, Mid-Career Academics, Professionals, and Artists
  • Other requirements as specified on the Fulbright Scholar website and in each award: https://fulbrightscholars.org/us-scholar-awards
Candidates with dual U.S./Spain citizenship, or candidates residing in Spain at the time of application or anytime thereafter, are not eligible for the Fulbright Program to Spain.

    Applications must be submitted through CIES/IIE: https://fulbrightscholars.org/us-scholar-awards#getting-started

    An invitation letter is required or recommended for most awards (see the Catalog of Awards), indicating the name and position of the academic adviser with whom the Scholar will collaborate, and specifying the teaching program and work load, as applicable, as well as indicating the availability of research resources.

    Grant Duration

    Postdoctoral Research: four to nine months. Awards will preferably be for 9 months. Postdoctoral Awards provide recently graduated scholars an opportunity to conduct research and receive professional training abroad. Awards may involve limited teaching. Postdoctoral Research awards are open to scholars who will have received a doctoral degree (Ph.D., J.D., M.D., Ed.D., etc.) within seven years of the fellowship start date. Degree conferment before the start of the award is mandatory. Institutional affiliation in the U.S. is not required.

    Co-Sponsored Awards: Fulbright Scholar Awards to Spain include opportunities for professionals, artists, and scholars at all career-levels. Location and eligibility vary across awards, and some awards are restricted to certain career levels or types of scholars. Please refer to each award description for more specific information:

    Grant Period
    Grants must begin between September 2024 and end no later than July 31, 2025.
    Grant Benefits
    • Base stipend: 3,200 € per month
    • Travel: ​1,300 €
    • Dependent travel: 750 € per person, for up to a maximum of two legal family members who accompany the grantee in-country for at least 80% of the award period.
    • Dependent monthly allowance: 150 € per person, for up to a maximum of two legal family members who accompany the grantee in-country for at least 80% of the award period.
    • Health benefits for grantee only.
    Additional Information

    Affiliates at host institutions are encouraged to be as specific as possible in the letter of invitation regarding:

    • The resources and facilities that will be made available to the applicant, and
    • The potential impact of the proposed collaboration, both short-term and long-term.