Senior Specialists

For academic year 2020-2021

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Academics and Professionals: U.S. Senior Specialists invited by Spanish higher education institutions through the Fulbright Program.

Up to five slots available for visits during year 2020.
​Facilitate the collaboration between an American specialist and one or more Spanish institutions through an specific project. Please check the Fulbright / World Learning site for details.

The program goal is to build capacity in a variety of academic fields and to promote long-term collaborative relationships between U.S. and Spain higher education institutions through academic projects.
Deadline for submission
of applications
From Sep 18, 2019 to Nov 15, 2019

These dates refer to the application period for Spanish host institutions.

As specified on the Fulbright / World Learning site.

As specified on the Fulbright / World Learning site.
Online application form to be completed and submitted by the host institution.

Check the announcement for Spanish host institutions here.
Grant Duration
From ​2 to 6 weeks
Grant Period
Year 2020.

Specific dates to be agreed upon between the specialist, the host institution and the Fulbright Commission.
Grant Benefits
​The Fulbright Program covers transatlantic transportation and provides a daily fee for the approved working days in Spain. 

The host institution is responsible for room and board in Spain and local transportation within the country / city if necessary.
​Selection of projects will be finalized during the first half of December, 2019. Selection results will be communicated by e-mail to all Spanish institutions that have submitted an application.
Additional Information

The official award information is available at the Fulbright / World Learning site.