Master's Program at Universidad de Salamanca

For academic year 2025-2026

One award is available to pursue a full-time Master's degree in Global and International Studies (MGIS) at the Universidad de Salamanca (USAL), one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Spain. USAL has a multilingual and multicultural student body with more than 10,000 international students who go to Salamanca every year. The city is a fundamentally university-focused city in which more than 40,000 students live as part of a population of 170,000 inhabitants.

As detailed on the USAL website, the program includes diverse but complementary components.

Applicants must apply for admission to both Fulbright and the Master's degree program in Global and International Studies at the Universidad de Salamanca.

​One award is available to pursue a full-time Master's degree in Global and International Studies (MGIS) at the Universidad de Salamanca (USAL).
Deadline for submission
of applications
From Apr 2, 2024 to Oct 8, 2024
​Law, Political Science, History, Sociology, Security, International Organizations, and Global Economy

Candidates with dual U.S./Spanish citizenship are not eligible to apply, nor are applicants who are residing in Spain at the time of application or during the academic year prior to the grant. Study abroad in Spain as part of undergraduate studies is not considered residency in Spain. However, other full-time studies at an institution based in Spain or participation in an auxiliar de conversación program are considered residency in Spain.

Please refer to the Institute of International Education (IIE) website and the MGIS website (below) for detailed information on application requirements.
To be considered for this Award, two separate applications are required:
  1. Applicants must apply for the Fulbright Award through the Fulbright online application system
  2. Applicants must also apply for admission to the Master’s program directly at the Universidad de Salamanca. More information on the admissions process can be found at:
Applicants are not required to have a letter of admission/affiliation at the time of the Fulbright application, but awards are made conditional upon admission at the Universidad de Salamanca no later than February 15, 2025. Applicants are encouraged to apply to the Universidad de Salamanca as soon as possible.
The Universidad de Salamanca will notify Fulbright directly of all semi finalists who have been accepted to the MGIS program by the February 15th deadline.
Grant Duration
​9 months (renewable for a second year pending satisfactory academic performance).
Grant Period
The ​Grant will begin on September 15, 2025 and end on June 14, 2026.

Attendance at the in-country orientation during the second week of September 2025 is mandatory.
Grant Benefits
​​These amounts are for reference only and might be adjusted:
  • Tuition Fees,
  • 1100 € round-trip travel expenses,
  • 1100 € monthly maintenance,
  • 200 € relocation allowance,
  • Up to 500 € project-related expenses,
  • Health benefit plan of up to $100,000 per accident or sickness
​In the U.S.
Additional Information
​The official award announcement, eligibility information, and application are available on the IIE website:

The main contact during the application process is IIE: