Short Term Studies

​Study Spanish in Spain

Spanish is a language spoken worldwide and the one with the highest current rate of growth. With around 400 million speakers, it is the second most spoken language in the world today, after Mandarin Chinese and is an official language in 21 countries.  In-country immersion fosters learning both the language and the culture, learning it faster and will make a fundamental contribution to the development of your language skills.

Studying Spanish in Spain is one of the most effective and motivating ways of learning the language. Attending classes as part of a degree course alongside Spanish students and combining them with Spanish language courses provide an ideal complement for students keen to gain an in-depth knowledge of the society and culture. Indeed, experts believe that students can learn as much in 2-4 weeks in Spain as in one year of Spanish classes abroad.

Students interested in learning Spanish in their own country should contact the Cervantes Institute nearest their place of residence, or should consult the range of Spanish courses available at their home university or online. These courses are aimed primarily at beginners or people keen to refresh their knowledge of the language. Most Spanish universities (public and private) offer online Spanish courses.

To learn Spanish in Spain, you should contact:

•    The Spanish university where you plan to study. Most universities offer Spanish courses for foreigners, summer courses, intensive or extensive courses, Spanish for business or preparatory courses for the DELE (the “Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera” described below). As well as specific language courses, many centres also offer courses in Spanish culture.
•    A private language school. There are language schools over the country that offer classes in Spanish at all levels.

Summer Courses

Nearly all Spanish universities offer summer courses in various disciplines.  Some universities, such as the Universidad Internacional Mendéndez Pelayo, are specialized in these types of programs.  Contact the specific university that interests you for the most complete and current information on summer course offerings.  You can search for and contact universities through the University Search Engine from