Costs and Financing

​The fees for official Master’s and Doctoral degrees at public and private universities are regulated by the government. In the 2011-2012 academic year, the fees will be set somewhere in a range between €16.5 and €34 per credit. Therefore, a Master’s degree comprised of 60 ECTS credits may cost between €995 and €1,920. The Autonomous Communities may establish their own fees, but they must be within the limits set by the central government. In exceptional cases, the upper limit of €33 per credit may be exceeded up to a maximum of 30% of the cost.

The cost of official postgraduate studies (Master’s and Doctoral degrees) at both public and private universities is established by the education authorities. However, education in Spain comes under the jurisdiction of the regional governments, which are allowed to increase the amounts set by the central government for the universities in their region.

Both at public and private universities, the amount students pay varies according to the number of credits he or she takes, the particular course of studies (degree program) and the student’s academic performance (students repeating subjects must pay an extra charge when they enroll for a second time).

Scholarships and Grants

With the internationalization of universities and their programs, an increasing number of grants and scholarships are now available to students wishing to pursue higher education abroad.

In Spain, several public and private institutions offer financial aid to foreign students wishing to study here. Before applying for a specific grant, candidates should find out as much as they can about the various possibilities open to them. If you are interested in studying or doing research at a Spanish university, you can find, through the Scholarship Finder, up-to-date information about different opportunities for Spanish students and for students from other countries.

If you wish to study or conduct research at a Spanish university, follow the link below to see whether you meet the requirements to apply for a grant, and, if so, for application details and deadlines.
Further information on scholarships for Americans wishing to study abroad can be found at:

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